OWL 2K18

A Fan-Made Game about the Overwatch League.

This is just an amateur work and will not be used in any commercial way. If anyone got ideas / suggestions, or wanna join and help (on Arts, Scripts, Mechanics, Beta test, or anything you think is necessary) please email me: nancy10069@gmail.com


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All plots and dialogues in this game are fully made up and have nothing to do with the real world.

I don’t own any rights of the resources used in this game. All resources including but not limited to hero icons, player photos, UI are belonging to Bliizard and the Overwatch League.

It was my final project for Game Programming class but i wasn’t able to finish it up, and so I picked it up during the playoffs and added some new contents that I later came up with.

Please enjoy the love from a fan girl.



#Background Setting

You are an investor who just spent 20 millions on a spot in the Overwatch League. You are ambitious and aiming to make your team Da Best for this Inaugural Season. Today is January 11th, and you have six month to realize your dream.

During the period, you can buy or sell players, ask for scrims, hangout in Disney with your team, and so on. When the match day comes, your team will have to fight against one of the other teams in the League. The result of the game is decided by the abilities and status of players, your choice of Comps and strategy, and of course, luck.



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When you start a new game, you will be required to choose from the 12 teams in the League.

Each team has a difficulty, which means, how hard it is for you to bring this team to the championship.

There are three.. Umm actually four Difficulty Levels.

Easy: NYXL, London, LAG, LAV

Normal: Boston, Houston, Philly, Seoul

Hard: Dallas, Florida, San Francisco

Extremly Hard: Shanghai Dragons



WeChat Image_20180909051314

Teams practice, have scrim, hangout, stream, and have matches. You job, as a manager, is to arrange the daily schedule for them.

If you don’t have a game today, then you will be able to log on to the menu, and select what you want your boys to do for each period. Each will cost either money, players’ mood or something else. And all will cost time.

Some activities, like hangout, are only available during daytime. At night, you have to sleep.



WeChat Image_20180909051330

WeChat Image_20180918220814

Networking between players

WeChat Image_20180918220806

Personal Profile Page


All players currently in the League are included. Some absent guys are placed in the Player Market, like xQc, Dafran, etc. (And some surprise people who should not appear here.)


WeChat Image_20180909062436.jpg

But.. This is more than Football manager or NBA series. It was actually a Romantic Game that I wanted to make in the beginning, so there exists a player property called Bond. Originally “Kizuna”.

WeChat Image_20180918220809

You can choose to interact with your players. Other than buying and selling, you can duo with them, have dinners together, go see a movie, etc. These actions will all increase your Bond with him/her. Some selections will only be unlocked after your Bond Level is high enough.


#Base and Coach

WeChat Image_20180909051322

Hardware might effect your players’ mood. Each time when you increase your Team Base Level, your players’ max mood will be increased.

Same thing. When you upgrade your coach, your max Comp limit will be extended.



WeChat Image_20180909051327

WeChat Image_20180909051359Each comp is consist of six players. It should include tanks, healers and DPS.

Default Comps that you can use are: Dive Comp, Rein/Zarya Comp, Pharmercy Comp. Purchasing a coach can help you expand your Comp, since it is as important as players’ personal abilities.

WeChat Image_20180909051354

WeChat Image_20180909051357


In the games, players’ perfonal abilities and Comp selection will influence the results of the matches.

P.S. The initial statistics of players are collected around late May 2018.


There are other eggs i put in this game. (Something like if Spitfire Manager expels Fissure, he will say something like “Regret this”)

And if Jjonak and RJH are in the same team (either you buy RJH in NYXL or buy Jjonak in SD) they will have dialogues like:

WeChat Image_20180909051344


WeChat Image_20180909051348

Nancy is the player’s input name

And so on.


PS: This is just an amateur work and will not be used in any commercial way. If anyone got ideas / suggestions, or wanna join and help (on Arts, Scripts, Beta test) please email me: nancy10069@gmail.com



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