Giorno has a dream

..which is to become a Boobstar (No I’m just kidding)

First time making a Rhythm Game still got many to improve

Please Enjoy~

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Lastest Update:

  1.  Now has Moody Blues, Diavolo, Prociutto and their corresponding ending pics in addition to Giorno & Risotto.
  2.  Now has two more difficulty levels (Normal and Hard in addition to Easy). Add eggs for each character when clearing a Non-Easy Song with Full Combos.
  3. Changed Notes’ colors to make it more visible.
  4. Now has four notes instead of two: Use S, D, J, K to press them.

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Old Version:

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2018-12-29 (6)

Legend Of Nerds – VR Card Game / 肥宅传奇 – VR 卡牌游戏

I made this game on the VR Game Jam held by SJTU in August 2018. The entire project was made in 72 hours. I designed and programmed this game. Some of the art resources were drawn by our artist Weixin, and others were downloaded from the Assets Store.

这是我们为 2018 交通大学 VR 游戏大赛设计的作品,在 72 小时内完成。我负责(主)策划及(主)编程这个游戏。资源一部分由美工蔚欣负责,一部分从 Assets Store 下载。



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The inspiration comes from Hearthstone and YGO.

Players select cards and use arms to throw the cards to the boards, then the cards will summon minions that you can command to fight.

It’s nothing different than card games except that it’s a VR game and you can actually throw your cards like throwing frisbee.

The beta version only have one heroes, sixteen cards and a few features. We will keep working on it and develop more exciting cards, scenes and features.