Giorno has a dream

..which is to become a Boobstar (No I’m just kidding)

First time making a Rhythm Game still got many to improve

Please Enjoy~

Play Online:

Download Link for Windows:





Lastest Update:

  1.  Now has Moody Blues, Diavolo, Prociutto and their corresponding ending pics in addition to Giorno & Risotto.
  2.  Now has two more difficulty levels (Normal and Hard in addition to Easy). Add eggs for each character when clearing a Non-Easy Song with Full Combos.
  3. Changed Notes’ colors to make it more visible.
  4. Now has four notes instead of two: Use S, D, J, K to press them.

2019-01-13 (1)2019-01-13 (2)2019-01-13 (3)2019-01-13



Old Version:

WeChat Screenshot_201812300733512018-12-30 (2)2018-12-30 (10)2018-12-30 (15)2018-12-30 (14)WeChat Screenshot_20181230024350

2018-12-29 (6)

5 thoughts on “Giorno has a dream

  1. Hey just wanted to suggest something. The hit marks are a bit too invisible and it messes with your eyes so can you make them a bit more noticeable? It would improve the experience a lot!


  2. Sabes?, Tu juego me asqueo pero me intrigo, honestamente yo pagaría para que agregaras al chichonatan y a Dio, cambien serian las nalgas de Mista, Ghiaccio y Secco: Son lo que tienen mejores atributos.
    Y la verdad me estoy Viciando con esta vaina demigrantemente adictiva…
    Sigue así, tienes habilidad. Me intereso que usaras Unity, pues justamente en mi clase de programación estamos haciendo juegos en la plataforma. Me inspiras wey XD uwu
    Igual, actualiza pronto.


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